Saturday, March 22, 2014


click here to join:  WWW.MEGATYPERS.COM/REGISTER

click here to join:  WWW.MEGATYPERS.COM/REGISTER

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

TACLOBAN CITY -- Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan)

TACLOBAN CITY -- Super Typhoon Y TACLOBAN CITY -- Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan), considered as the strongest typhoon in the world this year, caused major damage in this city, the home of more than 200,000 people in central Philippines.
The typhoon hit land on November 8, 2013, with winds of 260 kilometers per hour. It triggered giant storm surges that flooded the city and other coastal areas in the Province of Leyte, leaving a wide swath of destruction.
Two days after Yolanda hit this city, here’s what reporters saw:

(Still they need for your assistance.)
(Your CENTS is a big help.)


SEO Tips For Generating Free Traffic To Your Mini-Site

It's time for the last part of your free course SEO Tips For Generating Free Traffic To Your Mini-Site. So far, we have covered keyword optimization, competitive analysis, finding related websites, and establishing and maintaining link partnerships with them. In this part of the email training program, we are going to give you some valuable tips for link building - one-way links this time, instead of reciprocal links. Read on to know how.
  • Posting Ads On Free Classified Pages.
    While most websites allow for only paid advertising in their Classifieds section, there are some which give you free space to advertise your products and services. You can search for such "free classifieds" websites, put together an attention-grabbing headline and ad, and then post it on those websites.
  • Winning A Web Award
    There are several websites that offer awards to exceptionally well-designed sites. So go that extra mile to make an extremely user-friendly website and then submit the URL to such award-giving websites. If you happen to win any award, it will not only add prestige to your own website, but will also generate interest and traffic from the award-giving website.
  • Exchanging Banners
    It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words! And that is why exchanging banners, with other related websites, becomes even better than just exchanging links. While text links may look more or less similar, your banner would give you a unique identity, and will create a visible exposure for you on other sites, without attracting too much competition.
  • Using Webrings
    Webrings act as a sort of community building technique for sites offering related services and products. Once you become a part of a webring, you are given a code that must be placed at the bottom of your webpage, and through the buttons in that code, visitors to your site can navigate through other sites in the webring. Similarly, you attract traffic from other websites in the webring too.
  • Submitting Ezine Articles
    Another very popular method of getting exposure to your website is by submitting regular articles to Ezines. Most Ezines allow you to post good-quality articles, with rich content, for free. And you are also allowed to add a reference or link to any products or services, related to that article content, that you might be selling. Submitting well-written, search-engine friendly articles, with a lot of useful information for the readers, will no doubt attract a good traffic to your website - people on whom you have already created a good first impression
  • Using Press Releases
    Writing a Press Release or a News Announcement is another way of informing the masses of your services, with the help of the media. Press Releases are generally sent out to all the key contacts in the media, and can thus gain you a lot of free publicity, if written in the correct manner. Of course, this is not something that you can do everyday, but if handled properly, it can sure give your business a sudden boost at the required times.
  • Offering A Freebie Or Arrange A Contest
    There is nothing in the world that people love more than free stuff. Be it free ebooks, free videos or even discounts on some specific products or services offered by you! On the other hand, you can organize some kind of contest and give away one of your products as the Winning Prize. There are many sites that maintain a list of such free stuff, and by registering with as many of them as possible, you can mark a major boost in your web traffic.
Of course, putting all the above mentioned tips into implementation can require a considerable amount of time and energy, even though it would mark a dramatic increase in your web traffic. However, there's an easier and quicker way of promoting your online business, and also save time and money. Why wait, invest in SEO Equalizer right now!


"SEO Tips For Generating Free Traffic To Your Mini-Site"

   We hope you've been able to try out all the tips you've received so far in your course "SEO Tips For Generating Free Traffic To Your Mini-Site". So, without further delay, here is part 4 of your course - How To Establish And Maintain Link Partners Easily?
In the last part, we told you about how search engine optimized directory pages can attract more traffic to your mini-site, when people search for those related products or services that you have listed on those directory pages. We also told you that by maintaining well laid-out and organized directory pages, you could get reciprocal links from those websites. Or, in other words, you can get more inbound links to your website.
Link Popularity Means High Page Ranks!
Let's face it - the greater the number of links pointing to your mini-website, the higher is your page rank with most search engines! Google, AltaVista, HotBot - they all use the number of inbound links parameter as a very important factor in determining your page rank. As such, link popularity still plays a vital role in getting those top ranks and search engine positions for your website.
Moreover, if those links are coming from high quality, related websites, then there's nothing better than that! Search engines will love your site if all your links - both inbound and outbound - are completely relevant to the content of your web pages! And if your inbound links come from pages having a high ranking, then that automatically increases your page rank too! If such high-ranking pages consider your site worthwhile enough for linking to it, then your site must be offering some really good content!
The Catch
The only catch here is that acquiring a decent number of legitimate inbound links, from good-quality, related websites, requires a considerable amount of ingenuity and expertise. You don't want to irritate the search engines by accumulating generic links, so that they throw you off their grid completely! Neither do you want to end up linking to a banned website!
As we discussed in the previous email, accomplishing this task can consume a lot of energy and leave you tired, even more so when you have to maintain more than one website! Besides, there is always the time factor that is essential for gaining the upper hand over your competition.
Use Of SEO Software For Link Maintenance
Using a reputable SEO software program, for establishing and maintaining your link partnerships, can greatly ease the burden off your shoulders! It can accomplish within days what would manually take months to achieve! A good link maintenance program -
  • keeps track of the locations you've already submitted your site to
  • prevents being linked to banned websites and thus, keeps you out of trouble
  • allows you to manage information about all the sites connected from your website
  • generates highly targeted directory pages automatically, based on the information specified for your outgoing links
  • automatically uploads the link files to your web server
  • customizes the structure of your link pages through automatic category creation and management
  • has an internal link check feature, that easily and conveniently ascertains whether your link partners still have reciprocal links to your site or if they have been dropped
  • effectively manages all your link email campaigns - handles all email tasks of contacting and managing prospective link partners, and also keeps them notified of any updates
Recommending the SEO Elite New SEO Software! 


SEO Tips For Generating Free Traffic To Your Mini-Site

Part 3 on your course "SEO Tips For Generating Free Traffic To Your Mini-Site". Today we have brought
you part 3 of this course, in which we'll show you how to find and contact related site owners for building link directories.

As we all have well understood by now that traffic means business and business translates to profits, then the most important step in promoting our business becomes finding ways to bring in more traffic to our website.
We have already been through the strategies for optimization of our web pages for the most highly searched keyword phrases related to our products. We have also been through ways in which we can find and dominate our competitive websites. What next?
What Attracts Traffic?
That's the question we need to ask now - what kind of information are the internet surfers looking for? Most surfers are browsing the net for pages that contain how to information or where to find something it! In other words, they are looking for free resources!
For example, if your website is about pet food, your visitors may also be interested in pet accessories or kennels. On the other hand, people who do a search for pet accessories may also be interested in re-stocking their pet food at the same time! This creates a valuable possibility for you to attract more traffic to your website.
Link Directories
If you have well built link directories on your website (to related products, though, and not your immediate competitors) then your website actually becomes a useful resource for your visitors. It finds a place in their bookmark list, which means direct one-way links to your website! With well-maintained link directory pages, you can attract as much as 15% of your traffic per day through these repeat visitors!
Not only that, it also gives you a chance to get reciprocal links from these websites. Once you put the link of a related quality website in your directory, and then send them an email asking for a reciprocal link, your chances of having your request accepted increases many times over! When these webmasters visit your well maintained link directory page, they are more than willing to share links with you!
The result is that you get added traffic from their visitors too, who may be interested in buying your products or services. And, if a visitor directly lands on one of the directory pages on your website, looking for pet accessories say, he may stop to buy some pet food from you too! So it's a total win-win situation for you! These directory pages will obviously get a high search position if they are linked to related high-quality websites.
Time Consuming Process
Well, you will need to spend considerable amount of time and effort in finding good quality websites, visiting them, adding them to your directory and then sending each one of them customized email request for link partnership!
Moreover, you will also need to maintain the directory pages properly, with proper page titles and URLs. In other words, you will have to make sure those directory pages are search engine optimized, so that people actually land on them.
Besides, you don't want those webmasters to see a haphazard, free-for-all, poorly organized link page. You will need to organize the links on the page into proper categories and labels, so that both the webmasters as well as the search engines love the page, and of course, your visitors too!
So then are you wondering if there is any quick way to take care of the directory building process? Right from searching for suitable websites, to contacting their webmasters, to converting them into link partners - all that within just a few days! If yes, just go and check out the full SEO Elite New SEO Software package right now!


SEO Tips For Generating Free Traffic To Your Mini-Site

Here we are with part 2 of your 5-part course SEO Tips For Generating Free Traffic To Your Mini-Site and today, our topic is How To Find And Dominate Competitive Websites?
While keyword optimization plays a vital role in getting you access to those coveted "top positions" in search results, competition analysis is an equally important factor too. Once we know exactly what our competitors are doing, only then can we figure out how to do it better than them! Therefore, the 3-step program to success is:
  1. Search for your competitive websites
  2. Analyze the competitive websites
  3. Surpass your competitive websites
Now that we get the big picture of what we need to do, let us look into the details of each step.
Searching For Your Competition
This step is fairly easy. If you have been through the first part of this ecourse, then you must have already worked out the most competitive keyword phrases in your particular product segment. So you must already be familiar with the list of keyword phrases that seem to be doing the trick for your competitors.
So simply search for those exact keyword phrases on various search engines, and make a list of the top websites displayed in the results. These are your competitors - the ones you have to beat, in order to get their traffic directed towards your website. You have to work your way up, to a position higher than these websites. How? Read on.
Analyzing the Competition
Analyzing the competitive websites in your market segment is probably the most difficult and the most time-consuming part of the process. That's because you have to go through each of your competitive websites individually, for a whole set parameters, like:
  • The design and layout of the site (color scheme, fonts, positioning of important page elements, level of interaction with the users)
  • The keyword combinations on which the site pages have been optimized
  • The content of the top ranking pages, and the positioning and density of keyword phrases in those pages
  • Finding and analyzing the link partners of your competitive websites (how high they rank, the kind of content on their pages, their traffic, what kind of content pages on your competitive websites are they linking to)
  • The product range of your competition, and the ways they have used to encourage their visitors to take action and become customers
As you can see, this is a mammoth task, requiring several man-hours of hard work per website you analyze.
Surpassing Your Competition
Once you have completed this process however, that's when you reach the stage where you can actually work out ways to make your website better than your competitors in all respects mentioned above.
However, time is a crucial factor here. In today's dynamic world, statistics tend to become "outdated" at the drop of a hat! So if it's going to take you weeks, or even months, to go through the research and analysis of your competition, by the time you have worked out any substantial improvement methods for your own website, they would have made improvements in their websites too. You don't expect them to be sitting idle, do you?
So the whole purpose of doing this elaborate research and analysis on your competition stands defeated if you cannot take advantage of their weaknesses right now! You have worked out what seems to be working for them and where they lack. So if you can act faster than them, and exploit their areas of weakness immediately, you can beat them at their own game.

Well then, is there any quicker method of doing the competition analysis? As a matter of fact, there is. There is a way automate the entire process of competition research, analysis and implementation of improvements. Find out how you can do this with SEO Elite New SEO Software package! 


SEO Tips For Generating Free Traffic To Your Mini-Site

   During the course of this training, we are going to provide you with some useful and practical tips that will help you direct more traffic towards your mini-website, leading to a substantial increase in your sales. In the first part of this course, we are going to cover how you can select the best performing keywords and phrases for your business.
Before we go into that, let's first discuss the purpose of setting up any business, virtual or real. A business is set up with the intention of making profits from it, right? And how can we make higher profits? There are several ways of doing this actually. The most important ways, however, are:
  1. By cutting costs
  2. By increasing sales
This e-training deals with both these methods of increasing revenues and turning your online venture into a money-minting enterprise! But first we'll see how we can increase the sales volume by attracting more free traffic to your mini-site with the use of correct keywords.
What Are Keywords?
When a person, belonging to the market segment you are targeting at, wants to search for your product on the internet, he opens up a search engine first, like Google, AltaVista, MSN, Yahoo or HotBot. He then enters a specific word, or a combination of words, to search for your product. Then, depending upon how well a particular webpage has been optimized for that specific combination of words, it is displayed in the search results. Needless to say, the better optimized pages are displayed first, and as such, they have a higher probability of a click through, leading to a potential sale.
Keyword Research And Analysis
This means that if you want to increase traffic to your mini-website, you need to find out what keyword combinations in your industry are being searched for the most, and then optimize the pages in your site accordingly, so that they are displayed at the top positions in the search engine results. This is what is called keyword research and analysis.
In simple words, keyword research helps in searching for competitive keywords and phrases, and then analyzing those keywords and phrases in order to surpass your competition.
  1. Keyword research helps you find the number of times a particular keyword has been searched for.
  2. It also gives you the alternate phrases that can be used for a particular keyword.
  3. Keyword research lists your various competing sites for that particular keyword.
  4. It helps you track your website's search engine position for the various keywords and phrases related to your product niche.
  5. Keyword analysis helps you optimize your pages for certain keywords and phrases, based on keyword density and keyword location.
Use Of Automated SEO Software For Keyword Research And Analysis
By using some SEO software for keyword research and analysis, you are able to:
  1. Completely automate the entire process of research, analysis, and optimization which is associated with highly targeted keywords
  2. Quickly analyze why a particular website has a higher ranking for a certain keyword or phrase
  3. Conduct a quick and easy automatic optimization of your web pages for the specified keyword phrases, turning them into lean and mean search engine magnets

There are several other ways to attract FREE traffic to your mini-site through search engine optimization. We will cover them one by one in the subsequent parts of this 5 part series. However, if you'd rather not wait, then I recommend the SEO Elite New SEO Software package and watch your business grow phenomenally right in front of your eyes.