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SEO Tips For Generating Free Traffic To Your Mini-Site

Here we are with part 2 of your 5-part course SEO Tips For Generating Free Traffic To Your Mini-Site and today, our topic is How To Find And Dominate Competitive Websites?
While keyword optimization plays a vital role in getting you access to those coveted "top positions" in search results, competition analysis is an equally important factor too. Once we know exactly what our competitors are doing, only then can we figure out how to do it better than them! Therefore, the 3-step program to success is:
  1. Search for your competitive websites
  2. Analyze the competitive websites
  3. Surpass your competitive websites
Now that we get the big picture of what we need to do, let us look into the details of each step.
Searching For Your Competition
This step is fairly easy. If you have been through the first part of this ecourse, then you must have already worked out the most competitive keyword phrases in your particular product segment. So you must already be familiar with the list of keyword phrases that seem to be doing the trick for your competitors.
So simply search for those exact keyword phrases on various search engines, and make a list of the top websites displayed in the results. These are your competitors - the ones you have to beat, in order to get their traffic directed towards your website. You have to work your way up, to a position higher than these websites. How? Read on.
Analyzing the Competition
Analyzing the competitive websites in your market segment is probably the most difficult and the most time-consuming part of the process. That's because you have to go through each of your competitive websites individually, for a whole set parameters, like:
  • The design and layout of the site (color scheme, fonts, positioning of important page elements, level of interaction with the users)
  • The keyword combinations on which the site pages have been optimized
  • The content of the top ranking pages, and the positioning and density of keyword phrases in those pages
  • Finding and analyzing the link partners of your competitive websites (how high they rank, the kind of content on their pages, their traffic, what kind of content pages on your competitive websites are they linking to)
  • The product range of your competition, and the ways they have used to encourage their visitors to take action and become customers
As you can see, this is a mammoth task, requiring several man-hours of hard work per website you analyze.
Surpassing Your Competition
Once you have completed this process however, that's when you reach the stage where you can actually work out ways to make your website better than your competitors in all respects mentioned above.
However, time is a crucial factor here. In today's dynamic world, statistics tend to become "outdated" at the drop of a hat! So if it's going to take you weeks, or even months, to go through the research and analysis of your competition, by the time you have worked out any substantial improvement methods for your own website, they would have made improvements in their websites too. You don't expect them to be sitting idle, do you?
So the whole purpose of doing this elaborate research and analysis on your competition stands defeated if you cannot take advantage of their weaknesses right now! You have worked out what seems to be working for them and where they lack. So if you can act faster than them, and exploit their areas of weakness immediately, you can beat them at their own game.

Well then, is there any quicker method of doing the competition analysis? As a matter of fact, there is. There is a way automate the entire process of competition research, analysis and implementation of improvements. Find out how you can do this with SEO Elite New SEO Software package! 

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