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"SEO Tips For Generating Free Traffic To Your Mini-Site"

   We hope you've been able to try out all the tips you've received so far in your course "SEO Tips For Generating Free Traffic To Your Mini-Site". So, without further delay, here is part 4 of your course - How To Establish And Maintain Link Partners Easily?
In the last part, we told you about how search engine optimized directory pages can attract more traffic to your mini-site, when people search for those related products or services that you have listed on those directory pages. We also told you that by maintaining well laid-out and organized directory pages, you could get reciprocal links from those websites. Or, in other words, you can get more inbound links to your website.
Link Popularity Means High Page Ranks!
Let's face it - the greater the number of links pointing to your mini-website, the higher is your page rank with most search engines! Google, AltaVista, HotBot - they all use the number of inbound links parameter as a very important factor in determining your page rank. As such, link popularity still plays a vital role in getting those top ranks and search engine positions for your website.
Moreover, if those links are coming from high quality, related websites, then there's nothing better than that! Search engines will love your site if all your links - both inbound and outbound - are completely relevant to the content of your web pages! And if your inbound links come from pages having a high ranking, then that automatically increases your page rank too! If such high-ranking pages consider your site worthwhile enough for linking to it, then your site must be offering some really good content!
The Catch
The only catch here is that acquiring a decent number of legitimate inbound links, from good-quality, related websites, requires a considerable amount of ingenuity and expertise. You don't want to irritate the search engines by accumulating generic links, so that they throw you off their grid completely! Neither do you want to end up linking to a banned website!
As we discussed in the previous email, accomplishing this task can consume a lot of energy and leave you tired, even more so when you have to maintain more than one website! Besides, there is always the time factor that is essential for gaining the upper hand over your competition.
Use Of SEO Software For Link Maintenance
Using a reputable SEO software program, for establishing and maintaining your link partnerships, can greatly ease the burden off your shoulders! It can accomplish within days what would manually take months to achieve! A good link maintenance program -
  • keeps track of the locations you've already submitted your site to
  • prevents being linked to banned websites and thus, keeps you out of trouble
  • allows you to manage information about all the sites connected from your website
  • generates highly targeted directory pages automatically, based on the information specified for your outgoing links
  • automatically uploads the link files to your web server
  • customizes the structure of your link pages through automatic category creation and management
  • has an internal link check feature, that easily and conveniently ascertains whether your link partners still have reciprocal links to your site or if they have been dropped
  • effectively manages all your link email campaigns - handles all email tasks of contacting and managing prospective link partners, and also keeps them notified of any updates
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