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SEO Tips For Generating Free Traffic To Your Mini-Site

Part 3 on your course "SEO Tips For Generating Free Traffic To Your Mini-Site". Today we have brought
you part 3 of this course, in which we'll show you how to find and contact related site owners for building link directories.

As we all have well understood by now that traffic means business and business translates to profits, then the most important step in promoting our business becomes finding ways to bring in more traffic to our website.
We have already been through the strategies for optimization of our web pages for the most highly searched keyword phrases related to our products. We have also been through ways in which we can find and dominate our competitive websites. What next?
What Attracts Traffic?
That's the question we need to ask now - what kind of information are the internet surfers looking for? Most surfers are browsing the net for pages that contain how to information or where to find something it! In other words, they are looking for free resources!
For example, if your website is about pet food, your visitors may also be interested in pet accessories or kennels. On the other hand, people who do a search for pet accessories may also be interested in re-stocking their pet food at the same time! This creates a valuable possibility for you to attract more traffic to your website.
Link Directories
If you have well built link directories on your website (to related products, though, and not your immediate competitors) then your website actually becomes a useful resource for your visitors. It finds a place in their bookmark list, which means direct one-way links to your website! With well-maintained link directory pages, you can attract as much as 15% of your traffic per day through these repeat visitors!
Not only that, it also gives you a chance to get reciprocal links from these websites. Once you put the link of a related quality website in your directory, and then send them an email asking for a reciprocal link, your chances of having your request accepted increases many times over! When these webmasters visit your well maintained link directory page, they are more than willing to share links with you!
The result is that you get added traffic from their visitors too, who may be interested in buying your products or services. And, if a visitor directly lands on one of the directory pages on your website, looking for pet accessories say, he may stop to buy some pet food from you too! So it's a total win-win situation for you! These directory pages will obviously get a high search position if they are linked to related high-quality websites.
Time Consuming Process
Well, you will need to spend considerable amount of time and effort in finding good quality websites, visiting them, adding them to your directory and then sending each one of them customized email request for link partnership!
Moreover, you will also need to maintain the directory pages properly, with proper page titles and URLs. In other words, you will have to make sure those directory pages are search engine optimized, so that people actually land on them.
Besides, you don't want those webmasters to see a haphazard, free-for-all, poorly organized link page. You will need to organize the links on the page into proper categories and labels, so that both the webmasters as well as the search engines love the page, and of course, your visitors too!
So then are you wondering if there is any quick way to take care of the directory building process? Right from searching for suitable websites, to contacting their webmasters, to converting them into link partners - all that within just a few days! If yes, just go and check out the full SEO Elite New SEO Software package right now!

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