Sunday, February 23, 2014


SEO Tips For Generating Free Traffic To Your Mini-Site

It's time for the last part of your free course SEO Tips For Generating Free Traffic To Your Mini-Site. So far, we have covered keyword optimization, competitive analysis, finding related websites, and establishing and maintaining link partnerships with them. In this part of the email training program, we are going to give you some valuable tips for link building - one-way links this time, instead of reciprocal links. Read on to know how.
  • Posting Ads On Free Classified Pages.
    While most websites allow for only paid advertising in their Classifieds section, there are some which give you free space to advertise your products and services. You can search for such "free classifieds" websites, put together an attention-grabbing headline and ad, and then post it on those websites.
  • Winning A Web Award
    There are several websites that offer awards to exceptionally well-designed sites. So go that extra mile to make an extremely user-friendly website and then submit the URL to such award-giving websites. If you happen to win any award, it will not only add prestige to your own website, but will also generate interest and traffic from the award-giving website.
  • Exchanging Banners
    It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words! And that is why exchanging banners, with other related websites, becomes even better than just exchanging links. While text links may look more or less similar, your banner would give you a unique identity, and will create a visible exposure for you on other sites, without attracting too much competition.
  • Using Webrings
    Webrings act as a sort of community building technique for sites offering related services and products. Once you become a part of a webring, you are given a code that must be placed at the bottom of your webpage, and through the buttons in that code, visitors to your site can navigate through other sites in the webring. Similarly, you attract traffic from other websites in the webring too.
  • Submitting Ezine Articles
    Another very popular method of getting exposure to your website is by submitting regular articles to Ezines. Most Ezines allow you to post good-quality articles, with rich content, for free. And you are also allowed to add a reference or link to any products or services, related to that article content, that you might be selling. Submitting well-written, search-engine friendly articles, with a lot of useful information for the readers, will no doubt attract a good traffic to your website - people on whom you have already created a good first impression
  • Using Press Releases
    Writing a Press Release or a News Announcement is another way of informing the masses of your services, with the help of the media. Press Releases are generally sent out to all the key contacts in the media, and can thus gain you a lot of free publicity, if written in the correct manner. Of course, this is not something that you can do everyday, but if handled properly, it can sure give your business a sudden boost at the required times.
  • Offering A Freebie Or Arrange A Contest
    There is nothing in the world that people love more than free stuff. Be it free ebooks, free videos or even discounts on some specific products or services offered by you! On the other hand, you can organize some kind of contest and give away one of your products as the Winning Prize. There are many sites that maintain a list of such free stuff, and by registering with as many of them as possible, you can mark a major boost in your web traffic.
Of course, putting all the above mentioned tips into implementation can require a considerable amount of time and energy, even though it would mark a dramatic increase in your web traffic. However, there's an easier and quicker way of promoting your online business, and also save time and money. Why wait, invest in SEO Equalizer right now!


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