Sunday, February 23, 2014

TIPS for Unlimited Traffic PART 3

Ways to attract Unlimited Web Traffic that Pays
Are you using keywords that give you excellent returns?
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       You already know that traffic is the secret to Internet success. Keywords are the easiest and the most effective way to attract hordes of traffic to your website. Why? Simple. Search engines crawl through your content and pick up your keywords. So, if you happen to use a popular keyword, you will be listed as often as the word is searched. 
     Next, how many keywords do you need per website? I'd say roughly 80-100! Your Blog or site is a collection of pages and each page should have a different set of unique keywords. The obvious advantage: each of your pages will be working to pull traffic, instead of just the index page or the "About Us" page doing all the work.

Using multiple keyword phrases will give you more numbers of filtered traffic. Hint: Including your most relevant keyword or keyword phrase in your title works wonders in getting your pages ranked and listed.
So, what's the secret behind selecting keywords that pull traffic?
Selecting targeted keywords or keyword phrases is a little tricky
because of two things: 

-You obviously don't want to use words that nobody is looking for, unless it is a high-priced specialty item. So you have to devise a way to know what 'phrases' people are looking for. For example, using a word like 'natural Isapgol Fiber' will not pull many hits. Swap it for something like "Diet supplement for speedy weight loss" and you will see a drastic increase in web traffic. Why? Because that is the phrase people search for. 

-You need to keep away from the top 10 generic keywords in your niche. Ranking among the top 10 for the most competitive keyword/keyword phrase in your niche may be impossible. For instance, using a keyword phrase like "Make money online" is highly competitive. It is extremely difficult to feature in the top 10 in
this category unless you are doing solid work. 

So, you want to select a keyword or phrase that gets a decent slice of traffic without being too competitive. A nice keyword that haslow advertiser competition is something worthy of exploitation. This way, the keyword bids for paid searches through search engines like Google could be low.

Experts suggest that you should try to build 8-10 websites aroundcertain keywords and go back to those sites that click. You can use a  number of tools like Wordtracker or Google Keyword Selection Tool
to find the half a dozen or so keywords to optimize for your webpage.

Type in your keyword in the service of choice. This will give you a list of total number of daily searches. Just multiply the figure with 30 for the average figures for a month. Try this with every tool you have, so you can filter your list down to the choicest few.

After that, it is time to dig deeper to collect a crop of related keywords. You can search for your keywords in Google and Yahoo listings. Then, look for keywords and phrases that your competitors are using in their meta tags and articles.

As you can see, keyword research is an important part of your duties if you want to make money online. It is also quite tedious.

You could conduct your search manually, learning as you go, from what you read and from some of the mistakes you make. Or you could simply use a tool that does all this work online and brings you results instantly.
 This is where a tool like Traffic Equalizer can help you. Through this, you can easily filter your search
down to keywords attracting good volumes, compare hits of various keywords and avoid niches that are declining. Just take a peek at search engine phantom for more information on building web traffic.

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