Sunday, February 23, 2014

TIPS for Unlimited Traffic PART 4

Ways to attract Unilimited Web Traffic that Pays
   Think about this for a moment: Customer 'A' stumbled across your website when he was searching for some information on SEO techniques. He liked what he read. A few weeks later, 'A', who has bookmarked your site, comes back for a second look. What will his reaction be if he sees the same stale content? Obviously, he will leave in a hurry. But, what if, he discovers that your pages have fresh 'read-worthy' content? Won't he come back for more?
Today, I'm going to discuss something that's really a BIG thing in web marketing. It's so powerful that it can simply double the number of hits your site gets. It is something that your clients solicit.
I am talking about RSS or Real Simple Syndication.
From where I sit, RSS updates is the future of online marketing. It can improve traffic to your website, build you a dedicated list of clients and make you the expert in your field.
RSS simply refers to a channel of communication between you and your readers. By placing an RSS feed on your site, you are letting your readers know that they can 'opt in' to receive fresh news from your site automatically. All they have to do is subscribe to it. Then, every time you update, they automatically get fresh content.
What makes RSS so special is that unlike an email message that you send out because you want to let your clients know something, an RSS is something that the client wants. He or she has subscribed to the service. Therefore, client loyalty is high.
RSS has a big impact on search engine rankings. This is because RSS increase the number of inbound links to your website. The options for inbound traffic are also more since you have RSS specific search engines and directories that help you generate additional exposure.
But getting your feed running is only one part of the story. To fill the gap, you have to move into the next phase, which is publicizing your RSS!
You can do this by manually listing your RSS feeds on RSS directories. Once listed in a directory, your RSS feed will suddenly develop real muscle power and start pulling in people who are searching for the service you offer. This is focused traffic at its best.
Some of the advantages of feeding an RSS are:
  • You can go from flat and static to dynamic in one stroke.

  • Inform end users of new developments on your site easily.

  • Increase your site's visibility and thereby attract more traffic.

  • Add muscle to your Internet Public Relations.

  • Allow advertisers space and thus earn some quick change.
But most people give RSS feeds a wide berth simply because they feel that only a techie can 'get' it, which is true to some extent.
RSS is time consuming. You see, every time you publish fresh content, you have to update every page on your website that holds references to it. Which can get bothersome if you have a large blog running.
To avoid this, you can use automation software that will automatically post your RSS feeds regularly, update your web pages automatically every time you publish fresh content and pick out keywords from your news content for search engines. Automating the whole process gives you more time to spend on other, more pressing matters.

In my final section to you in this series, I will be talking to you about certain neat traffic-pulling tricks you can use while you build your website. 

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